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How Eva Perfect Make Up foundations were created

I have been working as a make-up artist for many years. I have gained a lot of experience working on different faces. I have always tried to create the best possible effect of smooth, radiant skin, in my opinion it is the basis of professional makeup. I have worked on many great products that brought the expected results – the satisfaction of my clients.

Currently, I mainly deal with training, sharing my make-up experience with interested people. I noticed a big problem among inexperienced makeup artists in choosing the right foundation for the model’s skin. Also make-up artists with many years of practice are looking for the perfect foundation for their clients. Personally, I am a very demanding person when it comes to choosing the right product that would meet my expectations of a beautiful complexion without the effect of excesses. These thoughts led me to search for the best foundation formula.

In 2021, after testing many proposals that were proposed to me by professional laboratories, I received the perfect formula of a liquid fluid that meets my high expectations. The foundation easily spreads over the skin, leaving no streaks and smoothing its surface. It is durable, covering, well absorbs sebum, leaving the skin naturally matte, and thanks to its diamond and pearl formula, it reflects light, making the skin smooth and radiant. The lightness of the foundation results from a small amount of additional, completely unnecessary nutrients and UV filters, which is found in creams applied directly to the skin. The foundation is primarily to give the skin a healthy color, radiant and smooth.

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